Frequently Asked Questions


What are the age limits for participation?

FIRST has several competition levels that are broken out into age groups. 
JR FIRST Lego League (Jr. FLL) is recommended for children 6-9 years old. They must be able to read.
FIRST Lego League is limited to children ages 10 through 14, typically 5th-8th grade. 
FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is recommended for children 14-18.

What are the time frames for the programs?

Signups typically happen in Mid May and close by the beginning of June.  Add your email to our mailing list on the home page and we will notify you of actual dates.

Once sign-ups are complete, our programs start about at the beginning of the school year (with some teams optionally meeting in August), and run through December or January.  Actual ending dates depend on what competitions/expo dates are available.  FLL teams that make it to the finals could continue to meet until early March.

How much will it cost for my child to participate?

Moorestown Robotics Club is a registered non-profit and is self-funded by registration fees from participants.  The Club is not currently financially sponsored by the Board of Education, the township or any private/company donations.  There are several fixed costs that the team must bear in order to participate including:
  • Team registration
  • FLL: Field kit purchase, Robotics kit purchase
  • Jr FLL: WeDo kit, Jr FLL Base Kit
  • FTC: multiple android controllers, motors, sensors, metal parts, field kit, field set up.
  • Event registrations
  • Team T-Shirts
  • End of Season Party  
Seasonal costs for each program vary per year based off of projected expenses.
FLL is typically range from $200 - $250.
FLL Jr. fees are usually about $150.
FTC costs are expected to be about $300 per person given the need for equipment and tools.

Team Placement

Does every child make it onto a team?

No.  Traditionally we have about 1 child get onto a team for every 3 that sign up.  Teams are limited in their size, and the demographics of a team vary widely.  The best teams have a good mixtures of age and boys/girl pairings.  Existing teams also value continuity from year to year and keep the same members.   Favoritism is usually not an issue, as a team of all close friends of the same age/sex can rarely focus on what needs to be done to succeed.  The decision of which children are on a team is solely at the discretion of the team coach.

What will give my child the best chance to get onto a team?

The only way to GUARANTEE your child gets onto a team is to coach.  Each team is REQUIRED to have TWO coaches.  Of course, the coach is allowed to have his/her children on the team.  Every year we have new coaches sign up who have never done robotics before.  Please consider being a coach by filling out our coach sign up page.  Your child will definitely make the team!

Robotics Kits

Do I have to buy a robotics kit for my child?

No.  There will be "Team Kits" that any member is welcome to use.  The team kits also allow any member to install the programming software on their computer for use at home.

Will my child get to keep any robots?

No.  The cost of the FLL Lego MindStorms kits are around $450 each.  The league owns several kits for use by any member of the team, but those kits will follow the team to subsequent seasons.

Are these the same Lego MindStorms parts I can buy anywhere else?  (Amazon for instance)

Yes!  The FIRST LEGO League uses the stock Lego MindStorms EV3 kits for competition and supplements them with the LEGO MindStorms Education Resource expansion kit.  If you already have an EV3 Kit, then you are already working with the right platform.


When will the teams meet?

Team meetings are set by each coach, typically weekend mornings or afternoons. 

How often will the team meet?  

Teams usually meet once a week.  As we get closer to competitions, teams may meet more frequently. 

Where will the team meet?

Most teams meet at the homes of their coaches.