Another Great Year For Moorestown Robotics

Post date: Feb 25, 2016, 1:53 PM by c s


A huge congratulations to all the Moorestown robotics teams for a fantastic year! We not only fielded a club record 6 teams, we also had amazing showings at this year’s tournaments!

We are especially proud that 4 of our teams won awards and 3 of our teams went on to Champions tournaments! This is also the first year that we have had teams win in two different regions!

The Dragon Ninja Warriors, coached by Frank Pippel and Yinan Yang, scored the most points of any team at their qualifier and received a first place award for robot strategy and innovation. The Sour Patch team, coached by Amit Garg and Fred Colon, came through with an Innovative Solution award for their project and qualified for the Delaware championship. The JabberBlockies, coached by Dan Ladik and Tim Regovich, did very well and also went on to the championships in Dover. There, both teams did great and the Patches picked up an inspiration award.

The RoboLearners, coached by Chris Schaffer and James Mumma, performed very well in the Pennsylvania region. They received an award for robot design in their qualifier. In their championship, they came in 8th place for points and earned a first place trophy for programming.

Though tournament days are long and exhausting, it is always exciting to see the long hours of effort and teamwork on display. Each and every participant should feel proud of what they accomplished this year. Soon we will have our annual club-wide end of season celebration. Like previous years, we will be holding a pizza party at the Moorestown Recreational Center. Additionally, the Moorestown High School’s FRC team will be showing off their new robot to the kids.

Great job teams!

PS – We want to serve more of the children of Moorestown. Please keep an eye out for an email soliciting coaches to lead Jr. FLL and FTC teams!!!

You can proactively express interest in coaching using the link below. Coaching guarantees your child a spot on a team:

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