Congratulations to the Moorestown Robotics FLL Jr. Teams!

Post date: Feb 12, 2020, 10:02 AM by David Swingle

This new year there have been FLL Qualifiers and FLL Jr. Expos at various Southern NJ locations. The following FLL Jr. teams were recognized at their expos:

Elementary Engineers - Innovative Programming and Model Design (6 kids)

Robo-Rhinos - Programming Design (6 kids)

Mighty Moorestown Master Builders - Innovative Programming (5 kids)

The Skyscrapers - Innovative Model (6 kids)

Moorestown Machine Makers - Innovative Poster (5 kids)

Boom Town Construction Partners - Innovative Explorers (4 kids)

Ultimate Boomtown Builders - Solid as a Rock (5 kids)

Energetic Boomers - Amazing Movement (5 kids)

The Boom Girls - Team Spirit (6 kids)

Super City Designers of the Future - Out of the Box (5 kids)

Boomerangs - Gracious Professionalism (4 kids)

The LEGO Lollipop Kids - Complexity and Decoration (6 kids)